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This event has been postponed until early 2009

Boost your Career in Science and Engineering

Monday 30 June 2008

A one day workshop focusing on career development and improving communication in the field of Science and Engineering.

Organised by the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining

Good communication in the field of science and engineering is an essential skill that will boost your career, publicise your work, improve your chances of receiving funds, hone your networking skills, and ultimately improve the sales of your ‘product’ (even if the product is yourself!) This one day workshop will give you practical advice on how to communicate verbally with colleagues, the public and the media, how to improve your written publications and funding applications, how to further your career by mapping your career development, and how to obtain a professional qualification. The conference is aimed at anyone working in the field of science and engineering wishing to improve their communication skills.


09.55 Introduction and Welcome by the Conference Chairman, Brett Suddell, ADAS Rosemaund

10.00 Career Development - building your roadmap, Roger Colmer, GetEnergy
  • Who owns your career development? Who helps you work toward your goals? What can you offer to the Industry or Academia of the future? This session will, in an interactive fashion, help you explore how to frame opportunities, how to ask the difficult questions and how to have some measure of control over your future.
10.45 How to Write a Scientific Paper, Mark Hull, Maney Publishing
  • Identify your readers
  • Construct a master plan
  • First draft
  • Ensure clarity, readability, style
  • The visual presentation of the final draft
11.40 Schemes for Professional Engineers, Ian Bowbrick, Royal Academy of Engineering
  • Management fellowships, professional development awards, bursaries, grants, the Executive Engineers Programme, and more, from the Royal Academy of Engineering.
12.10 Giving a Scientific Presentation, Dr Ileigo Akagwu, JP Kenny
  • All the advice you will need to help you structure, give and enjoy making a scientific presentation and answering questions.
  • Tips about what judges are looking for in lecture competitions.
13.45 Becoming a Chartered Engineer / Scientist, David Arthur, IOM3 Membership Team
  • The IOM3 membership team outline the key stages and requirements for qualification as a Chartered Engineer or Chartered Scientist
14.15 Dealing with the Media, Dr Helen Jamison, Senior Press Officer, Science Media Centre
  • The status and reputation of engineering and science professions depends on good communications with the media and the general public. Learn techniques for getting you message across successfully in this practical session.
15.10 Writing a Proposal for Funding, Dr Simon Gray, University of Bristol, Research and Enterprise Development
  • Have you ever noticed how much external funding is available out there? Successful proposal writing is often the key to obtaining the funding you require. This workshop will give you the pointers you will need to confidently and successfully apply for external funding.
15.40 Science Ambassadors – Why YOU should become involved, Vickie Bazalgette, STEMNET; Dr Annalisa Alexander, Researchers in Residence; Dr Sarah Haigh, University of Oxford
  • STEMNET - Science and Engineering Ambassadors programme, Researchers in Residence, Pass on your Skills. These are all examples of how YOU can get involved and make a difference to the future generation of scientists and engineers. Go out and INSPIRE!


This event has been postponed until early 2009

Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition, 30th June 2008

Please note that the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition will open at 6pm on Monday 30th June (until 9pm). This is an event which is well worth visiting, and will take place at 6-9 Carlton House Terrace (just down the road from the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.) For further details see the website

The event is supported by the Younger Members Committee of IOM3.