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Materials for Armour Systems

Monday 23rd June 2008
Venue: Armourers’ Hall, 81 Coleman Street, London, EC2R 5BJ

The development of multifunctional body armour in response to a changing threat

Organised by IOM Communications Ltd
Supported by the Worshipful Company of Armourers and Brasiers and the Institute of Mechanical Engineers

This one day conference to be held at the prestigious Armourers’ Hall, home of the Worshipful Company of Armourers and Brasiers in London, will look at the use of materials technology applied to the growing and developing field of personal and vehicle armour systems.
Armour developments and requirements have played an important role in the development of materials and their properties over the past few hundred years, but today the challenge is equally to incorporate any new advances in materials technology into increasingly sophisticated and tailored armour systems.
Personal and vehicle armour of today is required to provide the soldier or police officer with a system to protect him from the ballistic threat and from the equally fatal Behind Armour Blunt Trauma (BABT), but also from the threat of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear attack. In addition, personal armour needs to provide the ability to communicate vital information to the commander in charge, and ultimately it may be required to autonomously administer pain relief and medication. These sophisticated requirements necessitate the development of integrated, multifunctional and smart armour, which is lightweight and can be used in a variety of temperatures and conditions.
This conference will aim to give a brief overview of the materials developments of the past, and the technologies that are being developed to address these important issues today and in the future.

Welcome to Armourers’ Hall by the Master, Professor William Bonfield

09:45 Chairman’s Welcome and Introduction: Professor Ian Horsfall, University of Cranfield

Session 1: Scene Setter

09:50 KEYNOTE 1: Armour of the Past, from Leather to Steel, Robert Smith, Independent Consultant
10:30 KEYNOTE 2: Armour Systems of the Present and Challenges for the Future, Dr Bryn James, DSTL Porton Down
11:10 Refreshments

Session 2: Conventional Materials Developments for Armour

11.30 Composite Developments in Armour, Roger Medwell, CEO NP Aerospace
11:50 Magnesium Armour Plate Development, Dr Tim Wilks, Magnesium Elektron
12:10 Testing the Ballistic Performance of Titanium, Professor Malcolm Ward Close, QinetiQ
12:30 Use of Ceramics in Armour, Colin Roberson, Advanced Defence Materials
12:50 Questions to speakers
13:10 Lunch

Session 3: New Materials and Technologies

14:00 Police Body Armour, the Problem and the Solution, Paul Fenne, Metropolitan Police Technology Group
14:30 Use of Carbon Nanotubes in Armour Applications, Alan Windle, University of Cambridge
15:00 Multifunctional Uses of Auxetic Materials in Armour Systems, Professor Andrew Alderson, Centre for Materials Research and Innovation, University of Bolton
15:30 Refreshments

Session 4: The Future

15:50 The EPIDARM Project (The European Defence Agency’s European Protective Individual Defence ARMour Project), Ludovic Ouvry, Société OUVRY, Lyon, France
16:20 Systematic Approach To Armour Development Using TRIZ, Darrell Mann, Systematic Innovation
16:50 Wrap Up and Close

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MADE bursaries will be available for this event. Further information will be available shortly.
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